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Activity Ideas..


  • Bowl For B.I.G.S.!

  • Go to the park

  • Sporting Events 

  • Bake/Cook Together 

  • Movies 

  • Bowling

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Board games 

  • Pottery/Painting classes

  • Shoot hoops/Play catch 

  • Go hiking

  • Go swimming 

  • Have a picnic

  • Go fishing

  • Auto Show 

  • Rock Climbing 

  • Snow tubing

  • Form a book club 

  • Teach your little every day things like changing the oil in your car 

  • Create a match scrapbook

Easter 5.jpg
  • Go to the fair 

  • Attend your youths school functions such as the play or a football games

  • Visit your local Home Depot for Kids workshops

  • Go out to eat 

  • Plant a garden 

  • Show your youth your HS yearbook

  • Volunteer in your community together 

  • Participate in Big Impact Group activities 

  • Watch a parade 

  • Go on a hayride

  • Go for a bike ride 

  • Enter a race and prepare for it together 

  • Walk your dog 

  • Ice Skating/ Rollerblading 

  • Get ice cream or hot chocolate 

  • Crayola Factory

  • Help your little with job/ school applications 

  • Do homework together 

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