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Big Impact Group of Schuylkill County offers the following programs for the youth in our county: 

  • Community-Based Program 


Our community based program matches volunteers who are over the age of 18 and reside in Schuylkill County to children ranging in the ages of 6-18 years old in need of a positive role model. Matches are expected to get together at a minimun of once a month to do activities. Activities are based on shared interests and can include the movies, sporting events, arts and crafts, hiking, board games, etc. Throughout the lifetime of the match our program specialists monitor the relationship between the mentor, youth and family. The ultimate goal of our program is to have our matches develop lifelong friendships. 


  • School-Based Program


Our School-Based Program matches high school students to elementary and middle school youth. Big Impact Group services several school districts in the county whose program requirements vary slightly from district to district. Matches are expected to get together weekly on school grounds for activities. Activities can include eating lunch together, playing board games, working on school work, playing sports, etc. The school based program is a great way for youth to have an older student to look up to. Volunteers are students that have been approved by the high school to be positive role models. Not only do the youth get alot out of this program, it is also rewarding for the high school students to make an impact in their school community. 

  • Activities Program


Big Impact Group offers monthly activities for youth in our program waiting to be matched up to a mentor. Activities vary from month to month. We try to give youth opportunities to participate in fun activities such as swimming, white water rafting, movies, mini golf, and lots more! As well as these activities we also host special events including a summer picnic, Thanksgiving feast and Christmas party. Through our Activities program kids not only have the opportunity to have fun but also develop new friendships with other kids in our program. 



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