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School-Based Program

Big Impact Group offers the opportunity for high school students to become mentors to elementary students in their school districts. Through this program the youth are able to build relationships with positive role models in their school. This program takes place entirely on school grounds. Find out more about becoming a mentor or youth in this program below! 

  • Blue Mountain 

  • Schuylkill Haven 

  • Pine Grove Area 

  • Tamaqua Area 

  • Tri-Valley 

  • Mahanoy Area 

  • North Schuylkill 

  • Pottsville

B.I.G.S. in the following school districts: 

High School Mentors

Do you need community service hours? Do you want to gain experience working with children? Do you want to be a positive influence on a younger child? Are you looking to build your job/college resume? Do you want to help teach your favorite interests/ sports to a child in your school district? Then you should become a HS mentor. 

In order to become a HS mentor you must fill out an application and provide references. We will then have a short interview along with trainings and have your principal sign off on your involvement in our program. 



"It only takes a

    little time 

        to make a

           B I G difference."

Become a Youth in our       program! 

Who can benefit?

Any elementary youth in need of a positive role model is eligible for the Big Impact Group program. Students who would benefit from our program include: 

  • students having difficulties in home/school

  • students new to the district 

  • students who are struggling with self-confidence 

  • students looking to spend 1 on 1 time with a mentor 


What do matches do? 

Matches meet once a week at the elementary/middle school during school hours. Matches can play games, go to the playground, play sports, do arts and crafts, interact with other matches or simply spend time together talking. 


What does a mentor have to offer?

  • Encouragement 

  • School experience 

  • Enthusiasm 

  • Friendship 

  • Fun!! 

58% of kids

achieved higher grades! 

62% developed high levels of self-confidence! 

56% improved


with peers! 

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