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We are excited and committed to continue expanding services to reach out to those children who want and need a mentor but have never had the opportunity. We know that for every child that is matched with a mentor, there is at least one other child out there who longs for the same opportunity for a special relationship of guidance, support, and friendship with a caring and committed adult volunteer. While we celebrate the accomplishments in touching the lives of children and changing the future of communities, we realize that the success of Big Impact Group of Schuylkill County is dependent upon many things: committed volunteers, community support, agency staffing, and financial viability.  There are many ways to contribute to Big Impact Group of Schuylkill County and ensure that local children’s lives continue to be touched.


Without donations, more children will have to navigate the challenges of life without a much-needed mentor by their side - please help us help local children!


Donate Today!


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